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How to Purchase Balloon Garland Arch Kits Online

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Hello balloon lovers! There are hundreds of different balloon arch kits online once we run a search, so selecting the right balloon kit for your party can be a pretty challenging job to do, especially we don't have much time left to fix problem if anything goes wrong in the last minutes. So, today I would like to share with you some tips while selecting balloon garland kits online. Apart from customer reviews, what else shall we look at?

If you have ever tried to make balloon garlands for parties and event decorations, then you would probably know how time consuming it is and also fingers cross that everything goes right. One of the most common things that might go wrong would be the colors. The colors didn't go together as we thought they would. Therefore the colors of balloons should be our number one item on our check list while shopping online for kits.

Before we dive in, let's talk about colors first.

We all know that there are hundreds of different colors in balloons. Professional balloon artists would even double stuff balloons (putting one balloon into another) to create an even more unique balloon color. Apart from creating the unique color, double stuffed balloons are also more opaque, which often gives a more solid color. Single balloons on the other hand turn a little transparent under bright light, which will give your balloon garland a different look.

Here is an image of 2 similar balloons, one being stuffed with brown while the other is just what it is. See how different double stuffed balloons can be ?

Here is an example of a cluster of balloons vs. similar balloons stuffed with different colors. See how different they are?

This is the set from our Fall Breeze Balloon Garland kit, a very natural set of colors, all of the balloons in this set are double stuffed except the metallic gold balloon.

As we all know color is one of the most difficult thing to standardize in the world, especially balloon colors. Colors of balloons look very different while inflated compared to staying flat. They look different on separate screens and digital devices. Therefore it is almost impossible to select the right colors without multiple trials and testings. We all know that balloon arch kit is a pre-packed combination of different colored balloons in various sizes. So we have to pay attention to some of the color details while shopping online. Are the colors real? Did the photos use double stuffed balloons? If they did, make sure you get double stuffed balloons too, or the color would look very different as listing photos.

1. Price vs Look

If the the listing photo and price look too good to be true, then you probably want to pay little more attention. Great balloon garlands are usually created with lots and lots of balloons, of which some might be double stuffed balloons. Double stuffed balloons are more expensive than normal balloons but can create a very quality touch to the balloon art piece. However double stuffed balloons can raise the cost of balloon arch kits significantly because not only are there more balloons but also high cost in labor. The balloons need to be stuffed manually.

2. The volume

Balloon garlands on images that covers up lots of space were most probably created with lots of balloon. A lot means a couple hundred of balloons creating a balloon wall. Therefore, be cautious of exactly how much space you are looking to cover and how the sellers say about the amount of balloons in their kits. Our listing photos shows exactly what you can achieve with one pack of our product. So our customers can guesstimate how many packs of products they would need for their projects. Apart from the amount of the balloon, take note of the size of the balloons too. We all know that the bigger the balloon, the more expensive it gets.

3. Variety in balloon sizes

Nice large balloon garlands are usually created using at least 3 different sized balloons. we usually use 5 inch balloons, 10 inch or 12 inch medium sized balloons for the main structure of the balloon garland, and 18 inch or 24 inch balloons as the big highlight pieces in the garland. If you are going a little further than just a simple string of balloons, take note of the balloon sizes too. Make sure you have a variety of balloon sizes and accessories.

I hope you now have a better idea of selecting the right balloon garland kit for yourself.

Our balloon garland DIY kits may not have the most stunning photos on our listings, but we definitely make sure that what you get is what you see. We spend lots of time and effort on all our kits to make sure they are the right color and size combinations. Each and every image that you see on our listings are created using the balloon garland kits that we sell.

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