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We spend lots of effort and creativity in designing colorful balloon garland kits. Lots of double stuffed balloons are used to offer our customer the most unique colors and effect. We want to make party decor less stressful and more fun.


Wondering how our balloon garland kits are created?

Let's Find Out!

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Chapter 1: Brainstorm

Our little goblins sets off on their journey to seek for inspirations. They are often thrilled to discover interesting color pallets, which can be from anything anywhere such as scenery, photos, or even animals!

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Chapter 2: Find Color

With gathered informations, now they can draw out really fascinating color combinations and create their own color pallets!    

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Chapter 3: Seek & Find Balloons

Just like any potion recipes, they have to find the correct balloon color to match their color pallet. 

Chapter 4: Double Stuff Balloons

Even with hundreds of different colors, it is still difficult to find the exact color they want, so they start to create new balloon colors by double stuffing 2 balloons together. This is a magical process.

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Chapter 5: Color & Sizes

The little cute ones will test and trial they balloon colors they have created. Each color pallet will go through numerous trials in order to find the best balloon color.

Chapter 6: Prepare Hypothesis Kit

They will hypothesis the number of each color and sizes of the kit. The first round of hypothesis balloon garland kits are created. All kits will be prepared accordingly for testing.

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Chapter 7: Create Balloon Garland

Now comes the most exciting part. All hypothesis kits will be crafted into beautiful balloon garland. Photos and notes will be taken for further analysis. 

Chapter 8: Final Selection

Unfortunately, not all of the balloon garland kits get to meet you. They only select balloon colors that creates the most fabulous balloon garland kits to meet you guys!

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Chapter 9: Ta da!

The approved balloon garland kits will be packed with love and care before they get sent out.

Check Out What We have Created So Far!

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