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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to choose the right kit?
    Decide on the color scheme you would like to go with, then select the right size balloon kit. Consult our specialist for guidance if you need further assistance.
  • How to purchase
    On each product page, there is a BUY FROM AMAZON button, simply click on it and purchase on amazon.
  • What can I do to fill in empty spaces in my garland?
    Tie single balloons together to create balloon clusters, and then use the long balloons to tie the clusters to the garland to fill up the empty spaces.
  • How long can my balloon garland last?
    Balloon garlands can last pretty long indoor. Most of the balloons can stay in place for 20-30 days and some might pop along the way.
  • How far in advance should I make my balloon garland for my event?
    We recommend that you construct your garland a day before your event. This will make sure that your balloons have the best color during the event.
  • How long does it take to make a balloon garland?
    This really depends on the size of the garland you plan to make. For shorter ones, to make a balloon garland shorter than 10ft, it will take only about 30-60minutes. However for garlands that are over 20ft long, it can take 2-3 hours.
  • Why do balloon go matte outdoor?
    Due to the nature of the balloon material, it oxidizes quickly under sunlight, causing the color and texture to change. Therefore we recommend you to either construct your balloon garland at home (if you plan making the garland a day before the event) and take it out to your outdoor venue right before the event, or construct the balloon garland at the spot right before your party.
  • How do you transport garland?
    Transporting garland can be challenging. We do not recommend you to move your garland if you use the plastic balloon garland strip, as the balloons might pop out easily. If you really have to make your balloon garland at a different venue, then you should make it using the cluster method. You can then place the huge balloon garland into a plastic bag, and then place the other add-on balloons in another bag. When you arrived at the party venue, set up the balloon garland at desired location, and then fill it up with the add-on balloons.
  • How do you know if you have over blown your balloon?
    If your balloon looks like a pear, then it means that you have over blown your balloon. The balloon should look round instead of a pear shape. Blow the balloon up and stop when the pear shape starts to appear, loosen up your fingers a little and let out some air until you get your desired shaped balloon.
  • FAQ under construction
    Dear Melody Fantasy users, our FAQ library is still under construction. Please email us if you have any doubts about our products. We are working hard to design and look for more fantastic party products for you. Thank you!
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