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Balloon Garland Precautions

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Double Stuffed Balloons

I have been receiving lots of queries on double stuffed balloons. It seems that double stuffed balloons are a little confusing to a lot of balloon garland crafters and DIY lovers. Therefore I decided to share some tips. I hope that you will find it helpful, making your balloon garland crafting more enjoyable.

First of all, what are double stuffed balloon?

It simply means one balloon stuffed inside another. Manufacturers and balloon garland kit designers like us have to spend extra effort and funds while creating double stuffed balloons, as it takes time to try out different color combinations. Double stuffed balloons often require lots of trial and error to get the best color we desire. Despite the fact that we already have so many different balloon colors, but often times it seems that we are still missing a shade of certain color. Since most of latex balloons are not absolutely opaque, you can still partially see through the balloon once inflated. Therefore double stuffed balloons can create a more soft and opaque finish. Apart from the extra balloon, it takes a lot of man power to stuff the balloons, so please do not pull the balloons out unless you really don't like the color combination.

How to work with double stuffed balloons?

Double stuffed balloons are harder to inflate due to the pressure of double layer latex. It is almost impossible to inflate these balloons with lung power. Therefore please use a balloon pump while working with these balloons. Simply inflate the balloons like inflating any other single layered balloons. Then tie just the interior balloon. Please note that you only need to tie the interior balloon. Simple as that. Now take note of the small double stuffed balloons. Most of the balloon garland arch kits come with the 5'' double stuffed balloons, which are the small balloons. These double stuffed balloons are extra hard to inflate due to the pressure of it. It is tough even using the electric pump. A hand held pump is recommended for these type of balloons.

Other Precautions while working with Latex Balloons

Please do not over inflate the balloons.

I know this sounds a little duh... but trust me, a lot of people over inflate their latex balloons without noticing it. The latex balloons usually comes in 5'', 10'', 12'', and 24''. It is hard to keep track of the size of the balloon while inflating it, but there is an easy trick to keep track on your balloons. Observe the shape of your balloon while blowing them up. Your balloon should be round and nice. Stop inflating if the balloon start to look like "pear". Even though over inflated balloons might not pop right away, but it will pop eventually when you start to construct your garland and arch. Keep the latex balloons small will make them more durable to squeezes and hard edges while you construct your balloon garlands.

Limit amount of time exposed under sunlight.

UV light can damage your latex balloon, making them extra weak and pop easily. Make sure not to leave your hard work out in the sun for a long time. Due to the nature of the latex material, latex balloons are not so weather durable, especially high temperature.

For outdoor events, we recommend inflating and structuring your balloon garland indoor. Then move the garland to your event venue couple of hours before your event. This can shorten the amount of time your balloons are exposed to the sunlight.

I think these are all the tips I want to share today. I hope you find this helpful. Thanks for visiting our blog and reading. Feel free to leave us questions and comments down bellow, we are more than happy to answer them. Have a nice day! And Happy New Year!


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