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Choose Your Own Balloon 

Create your own boho style balloon garland with our double stuffed earth tone color palette! The different shades of brown and beige can make your balloon arch full of texture and detail. The mixture of beige, nude, and brown balloons are perfect for almost all events, baby shower, birthday celebration, bridal shower, house opening, you name it! Wow your friends with your stunning party decor on instagram or facebook! The full and complex balloon color will give more texture and layer to your balloon art piece. 

You can purchase our combo kit which has all 7 colors included and accessories to create a balloon garland, or purchase any of the single colors to make your own color palette!


Single Color
Each pack of balloon comes with 34 pcs of 10 inch double stuffed balloon and 6 pcs of 5 inch double stuffed balloons. These balloons can be used to make 5-7 feet of balloon arch, length varies by the thickness of the balloon garland.

All Color Combo Kit
Our deluxe balloon kit consists of all the materials you need to create a 11-15 feet balloon garland. It consists of all 7 earth tone colors.

The neutral color palette simply works with so many different color palette. The matte and toned down color enables a luxurious look to your garland.

Matte Double Stuffed Earth Tone Balloons | Choose Your Own Boho Balloons!

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