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This coffee and khaki color is a warm and natural balloon garland kit, which is perfect for any boho style parties. How about a teddy bear baby shower party? This kit contains so many different shades of brown that enables you to craft a complex and layered balloon garland. 


Double stuffed balloons
Each and every of our double stuffed balloons are hand stuffed. Each of them costs more than twice the single balloons. However, we still choose to use them. Why? Cause some of the colors are simply impossible to achieve with the single balloons. Double stuffed balloons are able to give a more solid and unique color, which looks more luxurious and offers a more interesting color palette.

Thoughtful and creative color pallet
Each balloon kits have gone through rounds of testing and editing before being launched to meet you. Our excellent designer will go through hundreds of different colors and possible combinations in order to arrive at the final balloon combination. If you are interested in the process of balloon kits creation, scroll down to see details of how our balloon garlands are created.

Detailed and thoughtful instruction booklet
Each balloon garland kit comes with the Melody Fantasy balloon instruction booklet. We try to make balloon garland construction as simple as possible. It comes with 2 ways of balloon garland creation instructions. No matter if you are beginners, or simply hobby lovers, or professional balloon artists, the instructions are easy to understand and full of images.

Exciting add-ons and unique combos
As our designer continue to source for new add-ons and making twists to current available balloons, our store will get more and more interesting. If you are a party décor lover, don’t forget to come back to our store often to check on our new items. Our balloon garland kits offer great base for our party décor. While you can add on lots of other accents to make your décor even more interesting and unique. There are simply endless possibilities us. Feel free to mix and match different items in our store. We are also eager to see your blast of creativity!

Worry free purchase
Our Melody Fantasy goblins are always here to help! We want our customers to have the best experience not only in shopping but the entire event! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our party décor products, we will be more than happy to help and answer them!

126 Pcs Brownie & Latte

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